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We all know the situation, in which we are trying to avoid doing something we are supposed to by doing a million other things which are not nesecessary..That is exactly what I was doing with my exams and so in a state of panic I have come up with a solution..a trip abroad.

I had a chat about it with my best fried over a dinner and the deal was done.We both agreed that we do need an experience from abroad and because we made a last minute decision about this we have agreed on the best possible place to go under the circumstances – London. London is a capital city, vibrant, close to home and full of amazing opportunities and it seemed like a perfect place to spend the summer.

We have searched the internet the same night for the agencies who are offering a programme we would like.We have chosen CZECH-US agency and visited their offices in Prague the next day.Michaela the London programme coordinator was very informative and all the necessary papaerwork was done very quickly and without a hustle which I have appreciated as I was under enough pressure from my exams already.

We have bought the plane tickets, sorted out the travel insurance,signed the agreements and right after the exams, traveled to London.

We have met the London based coordinator Gabriela straight after our arrival to London.She had helped us to sort out the NI number,Uk Sim Card and accomodation.The next day we have met Gabriela again and she has given us information about the possible employers and job interviews.We had a few job trials and had a job within two weeks of our arrival to London.

I have found a job in a restaurant in one of London’s parks. My manager and colleagues were all very nice and so I was happy there. Three months past very quickly. So all and all my experience was good and I am glad that I have traveled abroad with the help of an agency as they give you this sort of assurance that you will not be left stranded if the things don’t go as planned. There is always someone to talk to and help you out.

Accomodation in London is booked trough a short term rental agency and it wasn’’t always trouble free but for the price you have paid this was very affordable in very expensive London.The work you choose is solely upon you and how well you present yourself at the job interviews and trials. If you are flexible and adapt easily you will have no problems in finding a job you will enjoy.

People in London are friendly and helpful.I must admit I have not met any true British people in London as it is a very cosmopolitan city with peoplle from all around the world.

My London adventure was a truly amazing and priceless experience and I would totally recommend it to anyone.

Martina L.

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