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Why travel to the USA with Work and Travel program?

What are the benefits of this program?

Unforgettable summer

The opportunity to discover the culture of the USA

New friends from all around the world

Improvement of your English skills

Job positions

Work in a restaurant, cafe or bar

Americans consider food as an important part of their culture. In America, you can find a bright selection of restaurants, from typical small family businesses to favourite Mexican and Seafood restaurants. Hardworking and competent waiters are needed during busy tourist seasons, and that’s when you come into the picture.

Your reward consists of a basic salary – which is about 50% of your total reward. Other half of your wage is made up of tips, which are practically obligatory in the USA.

An outstanding level of English is very important for this kind of jobs, but with a lower level, it’s possible to work, for example, in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Fast food worker

There are many more fast food chains in the USA than in the Czech Republic. Employees are needed there during the tourist seasons too. You will get a work position depending on your English and communication skills. Working at Dunkin Donuts is very popular among students.

Work in a shop or a small local businesses

Students are usually employed in specific stores (clothing, jewellery, souvenirs), which are located in the city center or tourist destinations. Thanks to this they have the opportunity to meet the locals on a daily basis and easily improve their English. A communicative level of English is needed.

Work in a resort or hotel

We offer jobs in hotels, which are located all over the USA. Employers are looking for hardworking students to work as chambermaids and front desk clerks. If you are not comfortable with working in a restaurant because of your not-so-good English level, this might be the right choice for you. The pleasant bonus might be the tips, which are always split between the staff.

Additional jobs

We are doing our best to broaden our employer and work offerings, there are also positions such as:

  • Cook
  • Pool cleaner
  • Hostess in a restaurant
  • Work in national parks

Options of the program and visa sponsors

We choose working places based on our visa and other foreign sponsors. According to the USA legislation, every participant of the W&T USA program has to have a visa sponsor. They will make sure that based on the approved job offer, you will have all the paperwork needed to obtain visas for working in the USA. We have been co-operating with Greenheart, Intrax, InterExchange, JANUS and UWT visa sponsors for quite a long time and they have proven us their trustworthiness and stability.

Czech-us Jobs

From our broad selection, you can choose employers who we had the chance to meet during our many business trips to the USA. We will gladly provide you with detailed information about the chosen working position (see our Catalog of jobs) and better support during your stay in the USA. A short introduction video and a CV is needed to apply for a job.

Visa sponsor Jobs

The first way visa sponsors offer you jobs is through a virtual Job Fair via Skype, the second is them giving you access to their database of employers (called Direct placement) = Greenheart Job Board. In other words, it is an online market of job offers. You choose jobs by yourself depending on your preferences and afterwards are in touch with the employer through your own online profile.

The time of the registration and your own initiative is one of the important factors of you being able to find a workplace. Then there is your English level and mainly the start date of your job. If you become an ambassador of the Visa sponsor Greenheart, your program would be charge-free.

Requirements for the program

Student of a university

Age 18+

Upper-intermediate English level


Czech-us Enrollment Fee

Date of contract signingEnrollment Fee
until August 313.000 CZK

The fee includes:

  • Assistance with the DS-2019 application
  • Ensuring the valid application of Job Offer
  • Sending the program application to the USA
  • Predeparture orientation
  • Assistance with the visa application at the US embassy
  • Assistance service during your stay in the USA

Documentation fee is 1.000 CZK

Fee for the Visa Sponsorship is 1 449 USD (+ sevis)

For Czech-us returnees with date of registration up to December 31st, 2021 the fee is $1.150

Fee includes:

  • DS-2019 application from the visa sponsor – authorisation to work legally in the USA
  • Health INSURANCE for duration of the DS-2019
  • Cancellation INSURANCE for the program fee
  • A virtual orientation from the visa sponsor before the flight to the USA
  • Nonstop assistance service of the visa sponsor during your stay in the USA


Additional fees

SEVIS fee $35
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (=SEVIS). A database of students which allows the American side to know the exact information about foreign citizens located in the USA.

US embassy fee $185
Fee for the visa issuance.

Flight ticket
Not included in the fee list, but it is an additional expense. The purchase of a return flight ticket depends entirely on you.

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Tereza Augustinová

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