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Study in England!
Is studying in your home country just not interesting and attractive enough for you?
Do you want to study a course that is truly the best fit for you?
Do you dream of being a part of an international environment studying alongside students from all over the world and perfecting your English in order to find a job within your field?
Then study in England, a country with the best universities in the world!

Studying in England means:

  • obtaining an internationally recognised bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • being a part of one of the most prestigious education systems in the world
  • being able to compare your level of English to those of native speakers
  • getting work experience in your field and soft skills, both ensuring better employability prospects
  • meeting people from all over the world and gaining new contacts

All of this is possible with zero investment beforehand as you can use the tuition fee student loan provided to you by the Student Loan Company, a non-profit UK government-owned company. See more information on student finance here.

Why study in England? [up]

Every year, more and more students worldwide decide to leave their home country to study at one of the best UK universities and it is to no one’s surprise – British universities have great reputation and the degrees students study towards and obtain are internationally recognised not only by employers and governments but also by other higher education institutions. Employing competent advisors at the universities’ student support centres, universities in the United Kingdom are well prepared for international students helping them settle down easily, write their CV, find a job both during their studies and after, and the list goes on. And there’s even more to it – another benefit of studying in England besides leaving with an invaluable degree is the so much needed fluent English!

What are the benefits of studying in England?

  • You can finally study what you’re really interested in. The range of subjects that is on offer is so broad that you might not even be able to choose just one course. That is why most universities offer so called joint honours degrees which enable combining two courses into one degree.
  • It is fairly easy to find a part-time job alongside your studies to cover the majority of your expenses, the average hourly wage being 6 GBP. EU citizens have no limitations in regards to working hours.
  • Your English will finally be close to perfect! You will no longer have to freak out about job interviews in English. In fact, you will be advantaged on the labour market because of your language skills.
  • It is very common to undergo a paid internship or a work placement as part of your course as universities aim to cooperate with the best companies in a given field. It is for sure that you will not finish your studies having gained only theoretical knowledge and will thus be employable right after graduation.
  • Although the british education system aims at providing its students with theoretical knowledge of the best quality, it also aspires to hand over its students the power of soft skills, which include giving presentations, the ability of effective communication, teamwork, creativity, etc.
  • British universities emphasise the need to develop critical thinking, a process that involves hours spent self-educating yourself, reading academic literature, and writing academic essays, all of which contributes to deepening your knowledge, forming your own opinion on a given problem, and being able to defend your arguments. Even though it might sound like a disadvantage to you now, you will get used to this system soon enough to appreciate it. It will then be for the critical thinking that you will see to will have developed your true potential upon finishing university.
  • There is a career centre at each university that helps its students find not only part-time jobs, but also assists them with their CVs and motivation letters and provides them with advice for interviews. This service is free of charge for all students and it is very common that it also assists university graduates to find full-time jobs some years after leaving university.
  • The environment at British universities is truly international. You will be studying with students from all over the world. This will not only help you to meet new friends and make contacts, but also to learn how to work with people from different mentalities and cultures. You will learn how people from different backgrounds think which will lead to your open mindedness and respect for others.
  • In England, it is not common to have oral exams or exams that are purely based on memorising theory. Your course grade is usually composed of coursework, which includes in-class presentations, group projects and essays, and a final exam. The whole grading process is very impartial – your graded work is very often sent to an external examiner who has never seen or met you in order to overlook the objectivity of grading.
  • As part of your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, despite already studying in a foreign country, you get to participate in a student exchange for the period of one, two or three semesters as part of the Erasmus or other programmes anywhere in the world due to the unlimited possibilities each British university has to offer.
  • Last but not least – you do not have to pay your tuition fees while studying as the British government will pay it for you, and you will only have to start repaying your tuition fee loan after you start earning over a certain limit. See more information about student finance here.

Universities [up]

This academic year, we can help you with your application for the universities listed below. You can choose from a wide range of choices, whether you would like to study in London or its proximity, in the north or on the southern coast. We are delighted to be able to offer you the best due to our direct partnerships with these universities which regularly provide us with the most up to date information from each campus, student contacts, and the newest and hottest courses.

All of our partner universities in England:

  • Offer hundreds of undergraduate as well as postgraduates programmes
  • Have the newest facilities there are and their own on-campus accommodation
  • Pay attention to the students’ future employability prospects
  • Offer quality internships throughout the studies
  • Have a well organised network of foreign partners and thus support student exchange programmes such as Erasmus
  • Offer a wide range of extracurricular activities (sports clubs, student societies, cultural events, etc.)

We can advise you with your application for these partner universities:

Are you interested in applying to a different university in the United Kingdom?

Do you have a perfect or a close to perfect GPA and are you ambitious enough to consider applying to one of the TOP UK universities?*

No problem – because of our partnership with a specialised educational agency, as the only agency in the Czech Republic, we can help you with your application to any university of your choice, that is even Oxford or Cambridge. Because of this individual service, we have helped Czech students get accepted to universities such as the University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, or the University of Glasgow.

There are various options to choose from within this service so it is only up to you to what extent you will require our help. Contact us for more details.

*the deadline for the submission of applications to Oxbridge is October 15, and January 15 for all the remaining universities

Tution fees and student finance [up]

Don’t get put off by the high tuition fees at UK universities – get your studies paid for by the British government!

How does it work?

Each undergraduate student has to pay yearly tuition fees in the amount of 9 000 GBP in order to attend university. Postgraduate tuition fees vary and start at some 4 000 GBP per year – although the upper limit is not given, the tuition fees usually do not go above 30 000 GBP per one academic year.

Each EU citizen is eligible for a tuition fee loan from the British government to cover his or her tuition fees in full in case of undergraduate studies, and a loan in the amount of up to 10 000 GBP in case of postgraduate studies regardless the amount of tuition fees.

The undergraduate loan covers tuition fees in full, that is 9 000 GBP a year, while the postgraduate loan is offered in the amount of up to 10 000 GBP regardless tuition fees. You can decide for yourself how much you would like to borrow and, in case of tuition fees being less than 10 000 GBP, you can still borrow the whole amount and use the rest of the money to cover accommodation and other living costs.

You do not have to worry about repaying the loan throughout the duration of your studies as your first instalment is always due the following April after graduation, and that is only if your gross monthly salary earnings are above a given limit. The limit is specified for each world country individually and it is reviewed by the Student Loan Company annually. Once earning over the limit, monthly instalments are equal to 9% of the income above the limit in case of undergraduate loans and 6% in case of postgraduate loans.

You are required to provide to the Student Loan Company with an annual proof of income for the period of 30 years following your graduation in order for SLC to determine whether your salary satisfies the country’s specific limit that makes you liable to start paying off the loan. However, should your salary never reach the given limit, your liability to pay off the loan never arises.

Please see the British government website for more information – www.gov.uk/student-finance.

How to apply? [up]

How to apply to a university in England

We can easily help you with your application to a university of your choice. Below, we have summarised the most essential information you should now. Do not hesitate to get in touch any time!

The application deadline is January 15 every year, however, you can also apply after this deadline if universities have room in your desired course.

You have to submit your application through an online system called UCAS and you can choose up to 5 choices, that is universities or courses, to send your application to.

For a successful application, you will need:

  • Proof of English, usually at the B2 level, although some courses may require a higher level (you can submit your English certificate after the application deadline), such as:
    • IELTS min. 6.5 overall (minimum 5.5 in each band)
    • TOEFL: 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based), 80 (internet based)
    • CAE (pass)
    • High School Leaving Certificate, a certified English copy (you can submit it after the application deadline in case you have not passed your final exams just yet)
  • Personal Statement
  • Reference Letter
  • Portfolio/Interview/Audition for some courses
  • Transcript of Records, Diploma, and the Diploma Supplement if applying for a postgraduate course

Contact [up]

Don’t be scared to take the first step towards your dream to study abroad and send us a message. Our team of English universities’ graduates will provide you with the most up to date information and tips that you would otherwise have to look for yourself.

Besides filling out the contact form, you can also get in touch by email or by phone, or you can even pay us a visit in one of our offices in Prague or Brno, however, it is highly recommended to arrange a meeting first.

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