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How to study abroad with CZECH-US?

5 reasons why to study abroad

  1. Wide selection of study fields taught in English > you study exactly what you are interested in.
  2. Every day communication in English > your English skills will be top-class.
  3. Opportunity of an abroad study stay/internship > gain important experience from your study field even before graduating.
  4. Master all of your soft skills, i.e. presentation and effective communication skills, team work, creativity > you will be advantaged on the job market.
  5. Possibility of part time jobs during your studies or financial support with grants and loans > you will cover all your expenses by yourself.

There are lot of more other reasons as to why to travel for your studies abroad. However, how to choose the right country, school and field of study? Check out the overview of the countries we are specialized on. Afterwards, we will be able to help you with choosing and the whole admission.

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Universities abroad program options

Great Britain

Great Britain universities have a great international reputation, widest selection of study fields and degrees, which are approved by many employers, governments and other university institutions from all around the world. On top of that, they have a great students loan system, thanks to it, the students are able to study there.
More about studies in the Great Britain

The Netherlands

Dutch universities belong to the EUs and worlds top-class. Local universities are divided in research and applied sciences, where the studies are oriented more practically. Also, they prepare the students for their entry to the job market right after finishing their bachelor’s degree.
More about studies in the Netherlands


Thanks to the highly-developed education system, Denmark belongs to one of the best, in the university education field. That’s why studying in Denmark is a big opportunity for your future success. What more, the studies in Denmark are for the citizens of the EU free of charge.
More about studies in Denmark

Do you know which country you’ll choose?

prejdi na studujvanglii.czprejdi na studujvdansku.czprejdi na studujvholandsku.cz

Variedness of the study fields, which are offered by the universities, will allow you to focus on the subject of studies, that is closest to you. Every one of the countries differ with their specific ways of teaching, and it is usually more flexible than in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the students, their use in practice and disagrees with book cramming.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact our coordinator on studium@czech-us.cz

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