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Studying at a university abroad has never been more accessible. Universities in Europe now accept EU students under the same conditions just like their home students, hence students have hundreds of universities and thousands of courses to choose from. Undergoing the entire course of studies, either undergraduate or postgraduate, will lead you to being in possession of an internationally recognised and valued diploma, that will open doors on the way to your dream career.

6 reasons why to study abroad

  • Wide range of courses → study what you’re really interested in.
  • Everyday communication in English → bring your English language skills to a whole new level.
  • Possibility of a work or study placement abroad → gain relevant experience from you field of study even before graduating.
  • Master your soft skills, i.e. presenting, effective communication, teamwork, and creativity → and be advantaged on the labour market.
  • Get a part-time job and/or use the government loans and grants → cover all your expenses yourself.
  • There are many, many more reasons to convince you why you should set off for studying abroad. But what steps should you undertake in order to choose the best country, university and course as your final destination? Take a look at our summary of countries that we specialise in in regards to higher education, and we will walk along with you throughout the entire application process.

Your options

The United Kingdom

British universities are greatly valued for their quality of education, have an overwhelming range of courses on offer, and the diplomas are internationally recognised both by employers and other higher education institutions. Moreover, England also offers a well-elaborated system of students loans that makes studying at university affordable for anyone.

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The Netherlands

Dutch universities are regularly ranked among the top universities world-wide. Universities in the Netherlands are divided into two groups; typical research universities and universities of applied sciences, where the curriculum is more focused on practical issues and prepares graduates of bachelor’s studies for an immediate and successful entry in the labour market.
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Denmark, thanks to its well organised sector of higher education, positions itself among the best in this field in Europe; hence getting your higher education in Denmark is an amazing opportunity and a life-long investment. Moreover, there are no tuition fees for EU students!
Study in DenmarkStudy in Denmark

Do you know which country you will choose?

The great variety of courses that the foreign universities offer allow you to choose the exact field of study you are truly interested in. Each one of those countries offer a slightly different approach to education, which is, most importantly, very different from the one of Czech universities. They stress the need for meeting individual needs of students and their employability, without emphasising the need for memorising plain theory word by word.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to drop an email to our programme coordinators at studium@czech-us.cz

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