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Why choose the work program in Cyprus?

What will this program bring to you?

Work experience from luxurious hotels

Life by the sea

Friends from the whole Europe

English improvement


We offer jobs in hotel resorts in Cyprus, namely in cities that are Limmasol, Paphos or Aiya Napa. They are luxurious resorts, that are visited by high-class clients from the whole world. That’s why there are specific wage, accommodation and meal requirements.

  • The length of the program has to be a minimum of 4 months (the resorts are open from March until the end of October/November)
  • Suitable for graduates, university students or people over 18 years
  • European citizenship is a requirement for this program
  • The pay is 750-1300 EUR monthly (guaranteed by the employer)
  • Tips are not included in the pay (usually few hundred EUR monthly – also depends on your job)
  • Work 6 days a week (i.e. 48 hours)
  • Jobs – waiter, waitress, barman, barista, kitchen staff

Accommodation and meals

  • Accommodation is provided for free by the employer
  • Meals are provided for free by the employer, even during your days off

You can get back your initial expenses during the first month. Thanks to the high financial reward.

Requirements for the program

18+ age requirement

EU citizenship

Experience in the line of work

Communicative level of English

Minimal 4-month stay

THE REGISTRATION FEE is 9900 CZK and includes:

  • Consultancy before your departure
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • CV consultancy
  • Pre-departure orientation in the Czech Republic
  • Assistance for 6 months free of charge

Why should I take part in the work program in Cyprus?

That’s a good question. A basic one-week vacation in Cyprus costs 15 000 CZK. With us you have an opportunity to spend there a couple of months and pay the same amount of money.

Everyone who has visited Cyprus, can tell you, how pleasant the stay was and not just thanks to the weather and beaches, but also because of the mentality of the locals. Our work program gives you an opportunity to spend a couple of months in this vacation destination and work in the best hotel resorts.

Where will I work there?

We cooperate with luxurious hotels in the Paphos summer resort. They are usually 4-5-star hotels.

Who is this program designated for?

It is suitable for everyone, who has at least a little bit of experience in working in a restaurant, bar, hotel or customer service. You have to be a citizen of the EU, so that you can work in Cyprus without any limitations and also working visas won’t be needed.

How long is the Cyprus program and my stay there?

Your stay is not limited by anything, because you are in the EU. Usually the employers prefer applicants, who are able to stay and work for 4-6 months. There can be exceptions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

When’s the tourist season in Cyprus?

Our program is special, because we cooperate with hotels, who hire all-year long. Most of the jobs are offered in spring, but they can hire even during summer, if there are job vacancies. Then they hire in September and October for the fall and winter seasons.

What about my age?

The age is usually evaluated by the employer. In practice the hotels are looking for applicants, who are 18 years old. Our program also tries to focus on high school students, who will be able to travel to Cyprus for practice.

Where will I be accommodated?

You will live directly in the hotel or in a pension for employees. The accommodation and transport are offered to you from the hotel for free.

What about eating?

You have a right for 3 meals a day, even during your days off.

What kind of job positions do you offer?

Basically all the job positions which are typical for hotels. Waiters and waitresses, barman, kitchen helper, fitness and wellness management or housekeeping.

How will I be appraised?

The appraisal is very motivating. Accommodation and meals are provided by the employer for free. If it wouldn’t you would have to pay 500-700 EUR monthly.

You live directly in the hotel or in a pension for employees. It’s for free though. So, all your monthly earnings, which are around 800 EUR, are only yours (after paying your health and social insurances). You can even add the tips, depending on your job it can be even 200 – 300 EUR. An experienced barman can earn even 1300 EUR of take-home pay monthly.

Is it worth it?

You will earn your departure expenses, registration fee and flight tickets back the first month of your pay check. If you think about it, you will live on an island, in the Mediterranean Sea, where English is the official language and with warm weather all-year long, then the investment is coming back to you every day of your stay. You can even have a nice addition to your CV and a reference from a luxurious hotel.

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