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Why should you travel to USA as a lifeguard?

What does being a lifeguard teach you?

Respected profession

First Aid knowledge

An opportunity to discover the culture of the USA

English skill practice

Unforgettable summer

Difference between the pool and beach lifeguard

During the season, 500 lifeguards travelled with us to the USA – 50 of them choose to work on the beach. This shows, how popular the program is among the students of universities. The Pool companies are located on the east cost of the USA.

The pool lifeguard is responsible for the whole swimming pool as well as the contentment of the patrons. Beach lifeguards save lives on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, that’s why they must have outstanding swimming and English skills.

We co-operate with 15 employers, who we know personally, thanks to our long-term relations. Some of the companies are bigger than the others, but there’re no worries about you not being able to choose from our catalog.


Pay for your work

The pay always depends on the employer, general pay per hour is about 9 to 12 USD. Working time is around 40 hours weekly if needed your employer can ask you to work overtime, which is afterwards higher rewarded. (Some of the employers are classified as seasonal, so they might not act on it.)

Job Catalog


Most of the employers provide accommodation from your first day in the USA, at their own premises or arranged apartments. The accommodation at some of the locations (New Jersey, Ocean City, Myrtle Beach) is not provided – students have to find a place on their own with our help and recommendations.

Requirements for the program

Student of a university

18+ age requirement

Upper-intermediate English level

Czech-us Enrollment fee

The fee payment depends on your date of registration into the program. The sooner you register, the lower the fee will be.

For the first 1002019 CZK
until 30.11.20183500 CZK
from 1.12.20184000 CZK

The fee includes:

  • Registration into the program WAT USA
  • Assistance with the DS-2019 application
  • Ensuring the valid application of Job Offer
  • Sending the program application to the USA
  • Predeparture orientation
  • Assistance with the visa application on the US embassy
  • Assistance service during your stay in the USA

Fee for the visa sponsorship

Program typeFee
Standart program fee$699
Discounted fee of some job positions
(always listed in the catalogue)

Poplatek zahrnuje:

  • DS-2019 application from the visa sponsor – authorisation to work legally in the USA
  • Health INSURANCE during the validity of the DS-2019
  • A virtual orientation from the visa sponsor before the flight to the USA
  • Nonstop assistance service of the visa sponsor during your stay in the USA

Lifeguard certification, CRP/AED review

To be able to work as a lifeguard, it is necessary to have a valid Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR/AED certificate. This certificate is valid for 2 years, but employers insist on a yearly CPR/AED retraining.

Some of the employers require pool chemistry knowledge, that’s why we offer a course of a Pool operator to the students. You will obtain this license in the USA right after passing the test – the conditions are different, depending on the location and requirements from the employer.

Kopie Prvoúčastníci Czech-us a druhoúčastníci od jiné školící agentury. ENG Work and Travel – kurz prvoúčastníci a druhoúčastníci Plavčík v USA

 Date of registrationFee
First time lifeguards9000 CZK
Secondtimer with valid ARC certificateuntil 31. 10. 2018
from 1. 11. 2018
2500 CZK
3500 CZK
Secondtimer with expired ARC certificateuntil 31. 10. 2018
from 1. 11. 2018
4000 CZK
8000 CZK

Additional fees:

SEVIS fee – $35
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (=SEVIS). A database of students, which allows the American side to know exact information about foreign citizens, located in the USA.

US embassy fee – $160
Fee for the visa provision.

Flight ticket
Not included in the fee list, but it is an additional expense. Purchase of a flight ticket depends entirely on you.

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