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Lenka Hastikova
Work and Travel USA
Lenka Hastikova
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Helena Chlebeckova

What our clients have to say

“W&T USA has mostly been an eye-opener for me. I got to know what it means to live abroad and really understood the mentality of the people there, which is something you cannot experience if you only travel for a week or two. Not only have I gained a different perspective on life and living abroad, but I also greatly improved my English speaking skills.”
“I have always dreamt about living and working outside of the Czech Republic so the Work and Travel programme was the right path to go. The biggest drive behind my participation in the programme was the willingness to improve my English, which in the end came true. I was not given anything for free and could not rely on anybody but myself so I had to use my sloppy English, no questions asked. :-) And it worked! Being able to spend three months of my life living on a different continent was an invaluable experience that involved going to work every day, paying rent, using an American credit card, an American phone number, cooking from unknown ingredients, or finding new friends. It was definitely a test not how well, but rather if I can be independent enough to take care of myself while being far away from everyone I know.”
“Dear Lenka and the entire Czech-us Team, my girlfriend and I would like to kindly thank you for making the best summer in the USA happen for us. Working as lifeguards was a great contribution to our lives, especially to our English language skills. We really want to praise your professionalism, extensive customer care, and great communication skills. You guys are simply AWESOME. Thank you so much yet again!”

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