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Health and accident insurance – AVI

We recommend this insurance to everyone, who looks for an all-embracing insurance coverage from a trustworthy company for a great price.

Charge in the EU 0,91 EUR/day

Charge out of EU 1,64 EUR/day

Why do we co-operate with the AVI insurance company?

  • The insurance limit of 1 million EUR means an unlimited health care
  • If you’ll return back from your travels sooner, AVI will give you back the part of the insurance
  • Taking out the insurance online takes just about 2 minutes and you can extend it whenever you want
  • The insurance card and the receipt will be sent to your email immediately
  • Option to take Insurance for risk sports
  • 24/7 Emergency Service (besides the operator you can even talk with the doctor)

Insurance benefits

Works worldwide

Unlimited coverage

2-minute online insurance take out

Immediate validity, payment by card

Insurance coverage

Charge: 0,91 EUR/day for stays in the EU and 1,64 EUR/day for stays in other states of the world.

ProductInsurance claim
Insurance amount25 660 000 CZK (1 000 000 EUR)
Doctors visit0 EUR
Hospitalization100% per person in the limit of 1 000 000 EUR
Ambulatory care100% per person in the limit of 1 000 000 EUR
Provisional dental treatment140-560 EUR
Medicament prescription100 %
Prescribed treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor140-280 EUR
Law assistance abroadMaximum on insured one: 3 000 EUR
Payable charge in case of permanent invalidity cause by an accidentMaximum on insured one: 52 500 EUR
Payable charge in case of death10 500 EUR

*the amount of insurance limits has to be converted to Czech crowns by the actual exchange rate

Dental care

Our insurance plan Security Passport includes ambulatory dentist care to treat toothaches caused by tooth or gum infection.

The insurance coverage depends on the length of the stay abroad:

  • For stays shorter than 3 months: 154USD/140EUR;
  • For stays longer than 3 months and shorter than 6 months: 308USD/280EUR;
  • For stays longer than 6 months: 616USD/560EUR

In case of a dental injurie, we provide insurance coverage in the amount of 462USD/420EUR on one tooth, if it requires a crown or filling. This treatment can be proceeded after the return of the insured one back to the homeland, if the health condition doesn’t allow to perform the intervention during the stay abroad. In this case the insurance card has to be put in the National Health Scheme as soon as possible and AVI will become the second insurance carrier.

The insurance doesn’t apply on incidents, caused before your insurance plan has started, the so called “pre-existing condition!” That includes for example tooth decay or filling fall out. Regular dentist appointments are also not included in the insurance!

Eye treatment

Treatments related to eye infections are covered by this insurance. However other appointments, medicament prescriptions or change of your medicament dosage are considered as “pre-existing conditions” and the insurance won’t cover it. Nevertheless, any damage of your optical glasses will be covered.

Work accidents

If there’s an accident at work, the employer should pay all of the expenses, because it’s his lawful obligation. If there are any other charges even after the payment, AVI is the second insurance carrier.

Liability Insurance

  • Liability for health injury: 750 000 EUR/832 500 USD for one injury
  • Liability for property damage: 385 000EUR/423 600 USD for one damage

Baggage Insurance

  • Theft/damage of personal belongings during the whole stay: 2100 EUR/2310 USD
  • Limitation of valuable objects: 350EUR/385USD
  • Maximum of valuable objects: 700EUR/770USD

More than 24 hours delay insurance on the way abroad

  • Personal delay: Insurance claim: 70EUR/77USD after next 24 hours
    Maximum: 420EUR/462USD per person
  • Baggage delay: Maximum 175EUR/192USD per person
    Maximum: 1000 EUR/1100 USD per occurrence

* All of the insurance claims were calculated in EUR and converted to USD according to the exchange rate 1EUR=1,11USD

Complete insurance coverage from AVI – PDF

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