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The Work and Study programme is unique for its combination of studying and working. Working makes up 50% of the time spent in Canada and is therefore an inevitable part of the programme. Moreover, having a student status, one is allowed to work part-time while studying already, and not just after the studies are completed.

Conditions for Programme Participation

Severalrestrictions have been made to the programme participation conditions since the 6th of June 2014. Most importantly, language course students are no longer eligible for a work permit which is why the programme is now restricted to professional course, college, and university students onle (see our blog for more information). What is also required in order to be admitted to the programme is your motivation and a sufficient level of English.

Professional Course vs. College vs. University

  • Professional Course – is a short-term course focused on gaining practical knowledge in a given field of study, most frequently in business, hospitality, customer care, etc.
  • Career Colleges – are focused both on gaining experience in a given field of study just as on getting a thorough theoretical background of the subject matter. Each course usually lasts between one to three years, including work placement within the studies, depending on the studied course. Courses such as IT, Management, Marketing, Hospitality, or Medicine are very common. Career colleges have several intakes throughout the entire academic year.
  • Universities – it is fairly expensive to attend an institution of a Canadian higher education for an international students due to high tuition fees. On the other hand, it is the university students who benefit the most from the changes put in place in June 2014 as they are no longer limited to working on campus only. Moreover, they can also commence working from the very first their of their studies. After graduation, all international university students are eligible for a graduation work permit which is an open work permit for the same duration of time as was the student’s university studies.

See the costs and expenses related to each type of a programme in the Pricelist section.

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Job Positions

The majority of programme participants are employed as restaurant or hotel staff, which are paid job positions. In case of an excellent level of English, our partners are able to provide the participants with an updaid internship in the desired field, which is a great contribution to your professional experience and your CV.

You are of course in no way limited to finding yourself a paid position in your desired field. However, you are more likely to succeed should you opt for a college or a university study, while the professional courses are usually binded with manual work.

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More Information

See the costs and expenses related to each type of a programme in the Pricelist section. For more information regarding the Work and Study programme, please contact us by phone on +420 734 445 646 or by e-mail at m.tomickova@czech-us.cz

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