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Hi, my name is Kate and I decided to take some time off and see the world after my bachelor graduation. I did not intend to go on in my studies immediately after summer holidays, that’s why I chose to try my luck in London. To be honest, when I started to plan this adventure, I did not count with the possibility of UK’s leave of the EU (who would be able to predict this for 100% for sure, huh?) so I asked the agency for and assistance in February and started to prepare for my stay. I set the start date for the 27 of June 2016, a few days after referendum. What do you want to know? All my friends and family scared me of the upcoming situation, that my trip is over before it could begin, but actually, nothing happened.

After our arrival to London, me and two other clients took a picture with Mac, the program CEO

I live here a couple days and people living here told me that nothing has changed since that moment and is not going to be changed in the nearest future. Everything ran smoothly at the offices, they just wanted to know for how long I intend to stay in Britain (if you travel for longer period, it is absolutely fine, better than short stays), the same situation was at the interviews, but it is understandable, it is the also a problem as in your home country if you want a job only for few weeks. Noone is happy to provide you a training and hear about quitting after few days/weeks, that is pointless for employer.

Immediately after arrival to London I met Gabriela (representative of the agency) who helps you with all services and issues. She gave me many advice about offices – where to call, what to say, where to go, helped with oyster card, activating my new British SIM card, opening the bank account (which is a little bit tricky, because it may last more than a month and some employers do not talk to you unless you have the account, well I successfully opened it after one week with Gabriela’s help). During this period, she sent me for some interviews at interesting places in the city centre. As I am an enterprising girl I decided to send edited CV’s at some places all by myself, The main reason of this activity was transport to work, because I went especially to places nearby my accommodation in the third zone. To make it clear, transport in London is sooo expensive! I was lucky, just from one restaurant (pizzeria) they called me and thanks to the lack of employees, I had a trial shift the other day (employer can assess whether you are the right person for the position, be prepared for that!) and got the paid job from next day.

Great, I was so proud of myself, I got over my shyness and I also worried about my English skills as I have never been it touch with native borns. Thanks to this step my self-confidence grew rapidly – I could also choose from several employers from Gabriela and I managed to find the job on my own!!!

Although I am not here very long time, I think everything is really awesome, even the accommodation. I was warned before I came, they told me not to have any big expectations, I was properly prepared for the worst, but now I dare to say I live in one of the most beautiful and coziest share houses in my budget. The house is after reconstruction, even the furniture is brand new, to sum it up, I was surprised only in a good way.

Current situation for non British citizens looks like to last for few next months without any changes so I hope to stay here at least 6 months, my Czech friend is going to visit me during the autumn, because she was totally charmed by my reports. If we meet here, it will be much funnier, although it seems unrealistic :).

Thank you for reading, feel free to contact me at: kate.stourac@yahoo.com

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