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Video from the Czech lifeguard course

Why should you have a Czech lifeguard certification?

Earn some extra money as a lifeguard in the Czech Republic

Free of charge for WAT participants

Improving your water rescue techniques

A simplified way of getting the Czech lifeguard certificate

  • Complete the Lifeguarding course in accordance to the ARC standards – obtain the ARC certificate
  • Complete 15 hours of lectures about techniques, which differ from the American lifeguard’s ones
  • Provide us a document about finishing 25 hours of a supervised practice in the USA
  • Obtain a certificate about lifeguard retraining according to the Czech standards

What is the course consisted of?

  • Diving with the ABC (fins, snorkel, mask)
  • Improving swimming techniques
  • Techniques of saving a drowning person
  • Freeing techniques
  • Rescuing a drowning person from a pool by yourself
  • Life-saving aids
  • Spine injury suspicion
  • Usage of the basic rescue vessels
  • Water rescue in the Czech Republic
  • Safety and health protection during work and it’s legislation
  • Didactics of the swim methods
  • Diving – basic knowledge about the equipment and methods
  • Basic knowledge about the hydrology of still and flowing water
  • Technical equipment of the pool, administration and maintenance
  • Basic knowledge of tying a knot

First day admission tests

  • 25-metre underwater swim
  • 400-metre swim
  • An examination from the First block – Lifeguard ARC

Final tests

  • Every participant will be evaluated continuously during the course
  • A 400-metre swim (first 200 metres under the limit of 4 minutes)
  • A 25-metre swim under water, picking up 3 pucks from the bottom at the end
  • A presentation of chosen rescue techniques and pulling a person out of the pool
  • A 200-metre swim with a drowning person
  • Saving a drowning person in a deep water: 25 m swim, 25 m drag and back in 1:30 seconds
  • Practical examination from CPR
  • Written examination from the theoretical part of the Second block
  • A 100-metre swim with ABC equipment
  • Emptying a mask filled with water
  • Tying knots examination

Equipment, notices and questions

Equipment: Except the equipment used in the First block, it is necessary to have the ABC equipment.
Notice: The Czech lifeguard course is physically demanding, we recommend you to prepare yourself and revise your knowledge gained in the First block (American lifeguard course)
Addition questions: Don’t hesitate and contact jindrich.josifek@czech-us.cz

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