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Our solution – Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments is based on the so-called Enjoyment Performance Theory, in other words something what gives us joy and increases our performance, also the Paradox Theory, which connects our personality traits and shows under which circumstances they become synergic. The results evaluate our personal traits, preferences and tendencies i.e. what job we will enjoy in life.

  • 3 million users from all around the world
  • 175 evaluated personal traits
  • Excellent system used by personnel officers at big corporations (Boeing, Tesla, Huawei, Disney)
  • Questionnaire in Czech takes about 30 minutes
  • 680 examined jobs
  • Reports connected to the study majors abroad
  • System used also by foreign universities and agencies
  • We are the first in the Czech Republic/Slovakia to use this kind of a tool


Half an hour questionnaire will tell you more about yourself than a psychologist, that would have to study you for 2 weeks

We will also tell you the answers to these questions:

  • What job and study major to choose?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What will bring joy into my life?
  • Am I more of a diplomat or am I straight forward with everybody? What is ideal?
  • Will I be a good leader? Could I ever lead someone? Will I be able to earn respect?
  • Do I belong in a team? Will anyone listen to me?
  • And you will find out tons of more answers in the final reports, which can even have 40 A4 pages

Types of final reports

  • Your Greatest Strenghts
  • Career Options
  • Career Development
  • Career Enjoyment Analysis

What are your strengths and what needs improvement?

Your Greatest Strenghts, which you will discover thanks to the Harrsion reports, are the main keys that you should build your career on. However, it’s good to know, where there can be an obstacle on your way to success. We can explain you this part with the help of the Career Development report.

Career Enjoyment Analysis is ideal for those, who think they have the right major or want to find it out with the help of the questionnaire. The report will specifically tell you, if you would be successful or unsuccessful in this job according to your personal traits.

We recommend to consult these three reports personally. They are all connected and you can discover a lot more than you think there is to discover. Our skilled consultants with years and years of practise in HR are concerned with this analysis.

Career Options report doesn’t have to be consulted, you will be able to understand it by yourself. It includes a listing of majors, which will meet your expectations, usually set by 80% and higher.

Pricelist in pdf here

How to proceed?

Send us a message right here on this website through the contact form, make an appointment , or contact our certificated Harrison Assessments consultant Jindřich Josífek on jindrich.josifek@czech-us.cz. We will get in touch with you and talk about sending the questionnaire, chosen reports and consultation.

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