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Work & Travel USA – Lifeguard

Our lifeguards

Have you ever thought of working as lifeguard in USA? You can experience that next summer! You’ll be responsible for taking care of the pool and visitors plus benefits as interesting pay, sunbathing, travelling on your days-off and even more travelling after the season.

And why you should go to USA with us? Here are few recommendations from our participants:

  • you can choose positions of pool or beach lifeguards
  • high quality lifeguarding course in Czech Republic – opportunity to add Czech certificate after summer (for free)
  • wide choice of locations and employers – we don’t cooperate just with one big poolcompany where you will be lifeguard number…

Requirements for participation in program Lifeguard:

  • university student in full-time study program
  • English on comprehensional level (B1 according to European framework)
  • swimming skills – 300 m (500 m in 10 minutes for beach lifeguards)

Before summer season you will get lifeguarding certificate after passing lifeguarding training where you will learn first aid, CPR and lifeguarding skills.

Pool Lifeguards

Pool lifeguards are working mainly on the East Coast – Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado or Atlanta. Each summer we cooperate with companies who we know in person and most of them are family owned.

Ninka - Lifeguard in USA

Beach Lifeguards

Beach lifeguards are saving lives on the East Coast of Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina and Delaware. Necessary to have above avarage swimming skills and higher English Level.

Beach Lifeguard in Myrtle Beach USA


Hourly wage depends on each employer. In general hourly wage can be from 8 to 11 USD and students work in average 40 hours per week. Depending on demand employer can ask you to work overtime hours. Overtime wage is paid 1,5x (note: some employers are classified as seasonal and do not have to follow this standard).


Most of our employers arrange summer housing for the whole season in their own apartments or houses or has contract with local companies. In some locations (New York, Houston or vacation spots) participants are responsible for finding their own accommodation with our or employer’s recommendations.

More information

For more information on program Lifeguard, please email us at wat@czech-us.cz
We are able to assist you with anything you need, just get in touch with us!

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