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We are a recruiting agency based in the Czech Republic. We are mainly focused on international placement with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. In last few years, our services were extended by language courses abroad and international study programs.

What can we do for you?

If you are looking for placement abroad, we can offer you jobs in various countries from Europe to exotic destinations. Similarly, we will provide you with language courses if needed, and high school or university placement in your chosen country.

Currently we offer nearly 25 programs designed to cater to your individual interests and goals. The most significant are:  

Work and Travel USA

We offer some of the best programs for university students who want to spent great holidays in the USA. Students may work for up to 4 months and later travel for one month or more if they request an additional tourist visa. The most popular positions are as lifeguards, auxiliary chefs, waiters/waitresses or shop assistants. Contact us at wat@czech-us.cz.

Work in Canada

Canada is great place to live, and an even better place to work in. Canada is very proud of their high standard of living that is promoted by a low unemployment rate and high wages. Many participants work in resorts (ski resorts, summer resorts, national parks) and in big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary. Contact us at jobs@czech-us.cz.

Work in the UK and Ireland

England, Scotland and Ireland offer a wide array of job placement options. Both UK and Ireland are members of the European Union, meaning it is much easier to get all documents and travel. Similarly, the job placement process is much faster. We provide jobs in restaurants, shops and front-desk attendants mainly in London. If your English is not excellent, you have an opportunity to participate in our Storage Jobs program. Most storage facilities are located in the Manchester – Warrington area or Birmingham. Our partner from Australia is able to find jobs all over the UK, including Scotland, Wales or rural areas. Just tell us which destination is your favorite and we will do our best to find a spot for you. Contact us at jobs@czech-us.cz.

Work in France and Germany

France and Germany are among the largest European economies – meaning they are developed countries with many jobs opportunities. In Germany we provide jobs in restaurants and resorts. All of our German programs offer language courses. Once you complete the language course, you will receive high quality training and may then choose to work in Germany, or move to other destinations, such as Cyprus, Greece or cruise ships. In France, we are focused on kitchen and restaurant job placement. Contact us at jobs@czech-us.cz.

Work in Australia and New Zealand

Do you love adventure and nature? If so, a program in one of these two countries would be the best choice for you. However, some countries have visa conditions that require you to also attend a study program while working. For example, Czech nationals must attend a study program for half of their time in Australia (must be enrolled as a part-time students). In contrast, New Zealand is more open to foreigners and provides a vast array of job opportunities that do not require enrolment in study programs. Most participants work in agriculture, camping or skiing resorts. If interested, contact us at jobs@czech-us.cz.

Internship/Trainee Programs

It is difficult to find a job after high school, and even university. If you are done with school, have nearly no real job experience, and are registered on job centre then participation in internship or trainee program may be a good option for you. Usually, these placements are not paid. However, the experience is the worthiest salary. Our agency is focused on arranging internships inside the European Union that may be arranged under certain conditions. We can also help arrange internships and trainee visas to the United States. Contact us at staze@czech-us.cz.

Anglictinar Roku competition

We created a competition for Czech and Slovak students who want to measure their skills in English language. Anglictinar roku is online test for 60 minutes which tests students listening, reading and grammar skills. Our goal is to motivate students to learn languages such as english and german. Competition Anglictinar roku has its younger brother called Nemcinar roku. As we said before our goal is to motivate students to learn languages and that is why we also created german version of Anglictinar roku – Nemcinar roku. Learn more about Anglictinar roku on its official website and Nemcinar roku on its official website.

European Summer School

The Summer School offers a range of popular courses, held in English – eg. Online Marketing (Social Media), Business English, Development of Mobile Applications, Professional and Personal Development, etc..
The courses are conceived so as to prioritize practical skills and deepening professional knowledge. In some cases you will be exposed to real-life situations, working with real budgets and planning campaigns for real businesses. Your CV will then feature not only a course graduation certificate, but also the results of your own projects.
The Summer School is held in association with lecturers from several TOP universities such as the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), Business Academy Aarhus (BAA), Prague College (PC), and Akcent College. The lecturers come from different parts of the world: the USA, the UK, Denmark, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.
The best students will stand the chance of being admitted by the Summer School‘s business partners to an internship in the field of the student‘s interest. For more information visit official website www.europeansummerschool.com/en

Brainstorm Magazine

Brainstorm is a Magazine created by young people for young people. Students can find information about traveling, festivals, interships and also there is a lot of interviews with famous persons. Visit official website of Brainstorm Magazine on www.brainstormag.cz/

Language Courses

One of the best ways to learn a language is through full immersion in a country’s culture. We cooperate with more than 30 language schools in more than 60 countries worldwide. We are also dedicated to arranging first class language courses to companies and institutions. Contact us at jazyky@czech-us.cz.

Summer Camps for Kids and Teenagers

If you want to be assured that your children will be fluent in a language, consider the summer camp option for kids. These summer camps have various orientations – from general to very unique. Some of the most popular camps are football camps with Arsenal London stars, music camps or sea camps. Contact us at jazyky@czech-us.cz.

University in Denmark and Holland

Some educational systems are not as good as others. Many schools in Eastern and Middle Europe are very static with old and unmotivated professors. Graduates are very often candidates for job center. Universities in Denmark and Netherlands regularly rank in the top 100 of world universities and are focused on providing students with practical experience. Students work on real projects with real people, and often with real money. These features help make these educational systems unique and effective. Contact us at studium@czech-us.cz.

Do not forget to watch our videos on YouTube. Nowadays, you can visit three channels: Work and Travel, Jobs Abroad and Language Courses Abroad.

Are You an Employer?

If you are employer and want to get employees to your business, contact us and we will help recruit the best staff you have ever had. Please contact our consultant Lucie Strakova directly at l.strakova@czech-us.cz.

We look forward to serving you, and finding the program that is the best match for your interests and goals!

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