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Czech-us, v. o. s. was established in 2006, in the same year we gained work placement approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Although Czech-us was found in 2006, we have been helping young people to obtain visas for work as lifeguards in the USA, based on their trade licence since 2003. From 2014 Czech-us, v. o. s. became a travel agency. With growing popularity of our programs, we had an opportunity to establish another specialized companies – Czech-us Work and Travel, s. r. o., Czech-us Study abroad, s. r. o. and Czech-us Work abroad, s. r. o.

Since 2004 we are the holders of an “Authorized Provider” permission from the American Red Cross, which allows us to school our students according to the American standards. We have trained more than 5000 lifeguards since 2004. We aren’t just specialized on training American lifeguards. In 2014 we obtained an approval from MŠMT to train even Czech lifeguards. Although there aren’t any exact statistics we are probably the biggest mediators of the Work and Travel USA program in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – together with the Slovak branch we have helped 905 clients to travel for work to the USA (475 of them were lifeguards).

As mentioned before in 2006 we expanded our program offerings and we still continue doing it. Currently you can travel for work and internships to most of the states of West Europe, USA, Canada and to some other exotic destinations. We also try to focus more on the study and language programs.

We also offer studies at universities in Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain. We consider these states as one of the best when it comes to studying, and our students can nothing but agree with us.

You can travel to more than 30 states for a language course with us. We offer varied langue courses – from intensive courses to relaxing ones which are usually localized in summer resorts, it’s more like a vacation. You can also travel for a course with your family or on a children summer camp abroad.

Our work is very important for us. All we wish is to help young adults to travel abroad and give them a chance to discover a new culture and have a great and unforgettable life experience. Thanks to these experiences our students tend to be more successful in life and for us it’s just a confirmation, that our programs do have a purpose. In order to motivate young people to study and work abroad, in 2014 we started to publish our magazine BRAINSTORM, which is distributed among hundreds of Czech high schools.

Our creed is:

  • Pure sincerity
  • Communicativeness
  • Reliability
  • Individual attitude to our clients
  • Quality of our offered services

We have personal experiences with our offered programs. We have experienced American hamburgers, British buses, New Zealand mountains, Dutch clogs and Australian no shoes, no worries. During our work we try to use our own gained knowledge and experiences as well as our former customers ones, to inform those who are interested in our programs properly.

We know our programs very well!

Our projects

Best In English, Best in Deutsch

Online competition for high school students, where they are able to test out their language skills. The 5th year of Best in Deutsch took place in 2018 and 3003 students from 220 schools and 6 states have participated in it.

The 7th year of Best in English had 17 621 participants from 750 schools and 29 countries.

Summer school

The summer school offers a lot of popular courses in English for example: Online marketing (Social Media), Business English, Development of mobile applications, courses of Self and professional development and so on.

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