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Studying at a university abroad has never been more accesible as European universities now accept European Union students under the same tuition fees and entry requirements as their home students. Getting a bachelor’s degree from abroad will be of an invaluable addition to your CV and your free entry pass to a better career.

Your Study Abroad Options

Study in UK

Every year, more and more Czech students decide to study at a university in the UK especially for their great reputation worlwide and a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are on offer. That is the very reason why British universities are well prepared for international students and provide them with suport thorough their Student Support centres and Student Unions, guiding them all along their studies and helping them deal with whatever changes they might experience. Moreover, UK degrees are internationally recognised by academic as well as professional institutions.
Study in EnglandStudy in England

Study in Holland

Holland belongs among the most open-minded and most cosmopolitan countries in Europe that does not compromise on the quality of education. With its economic and political stability, and educated population, Holland is an attractive student destination. Dutch higher education is offered at so called research universities and universities of applied sciences, the latter being focused on practical skills.
Study in HollandStudy in Holland

Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark – become a part of one of the most appreciated educational systems in the world, where there are no tuition fees for students from the EU! Danes are one of the happiest nations in the world. Their society is also known for a very low corruption level. In Denmark, you will find the perfect environment for start-up businesses and one of the highest average salaries in the EU. This indeed is Denmark! So why to become a student of a Danish university?
Study in DenmarkStudy in Denmark

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