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About the Programme

Our programme is designated for those candidates who have the legal right to work in the UK. If you are not sure whether the programme is for you, send us a CV and we will let you know if you are a suitable candidate for the programme.

The UK Labour market offers thousands of opportunities but you are looking for just one perfect job that meets your expectations. This is where we can help! But even before you are employed we will arrange a lot of services for you, such as finding appropriate accommodation, getting you National Insurance Number (NIN), opening your UK bank account and other services.

The minimum programme length is 2 months but usual stays are for 4, 6 or 12 months. Some programme participants decide to relocate to the UK and live there for years.

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Stop by and discuss your possibilities with us every Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 4 p.m.! We are looking forward to talking to you in both of our offices in Brno and in Prague. Michaela and Martina

For more information regarding job positions, accommodation, fees and services, please click here or contact us at info@ukjobs247.com.

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