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The life in London is as we can all agree financially quite tough and dearer then back home, wherever you come from. That is why we have put together for you this little article about what to financially expect whilst living, job seeking or working in London.


After your arrival to London you have to start thinking travel cost almost immediately! First thought would usually be how to get to the city from the airport? There are 5 airports in or around London.

Stanstead, Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow and City airport. Most of these airports (except the City Airport) are served by National Express bus company and costs can vary depends on your destination point. Please check for prices up to date on for further information. London Underground or National Rail

National Express will let you board their buses up to one hour before or after your scheduled ticket time as they take into account flight delays etc. This is great!

Travel costs

Gatwick -Victoria Coach Station-starts from £8

Stanstead-Victoria Coach Station starts from £ 12

Luton -Victoria Coach station starts from £11

Heathrow-London city centre is served by London Underground (you will need to use OYSTER CARD) cost is around £4

Another company which often comes cheaper is EASYBUS (downside to this is that you have to be on time as spaces are limited and if there’s a flight delay you may miss out on your ride) that is not great!

Once you have reached your destination you will need to have an Oyster Card which will allow you to use public transport in London. Underground, buses, overground and some other transport such as river boats and Docklands Light Railway.

Cost vary depend on the zone (1-6) and part of London you will be staying in.

Please visit or

The most convenient way of paying for your travel is to buy weekly or monthly travel card.

Weekly travel card current cost is £38.70 zone 1-3

Please check for updated information.


Cost of living in London is anywhere between £90 per week to £250 depends on what are you looking for.

Please take into count a deposit which is usually anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month of rent upfront. This will be refunded to you on the end of your stay. You will have to pay this at your arrival on the top of the rent cost for your room.


With plenty of supermarkets and independent small grocers to choose from you can comfortably live on groceries for about £ 20-30 per week!!

Other costs

We are recommending to have some extra money for things such as buying a uniform for your new job especially if you are going to be working in Hospitality or Customer service environment!

Black smart trousers, black smart shoes, black long sleeve and white long sleeve shirts with buttons to the top are a must!

You can purchase all these here for about £30 or if you have these at home make sure you pack them!


Please do have money on side for unexpected costs and emergencies. Our recommendation is 600 pounds (without accommodation) for the duration period before your first pay check!


Accommodation est. £90 per week… £450 per 5 weeks

Pocket money £600 per 5 weeks

  • Travel per week est. £38
  • Food per week est. £30
  • Other est. (mobile credit, toiletries, cultural experiences, etc..)

I hope this will help you to get a better picture of living costs in London

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