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Hire great J1 students

Are you a business based in the US with a need for entry-level seasonal employees from May/June to September? Cover your seasonal staffing needs by hiring hard-working students from the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

New for 2015 – H2B employees available all year long. Email us for more details.

These university students are coming to USA under Summer Work and Travel USA Program and are fully authorized to work by the US Government. Reliable, responsible, experienced and covered by medical insurance, these foreign workers will match the needs of your business during the busy season just perfectly!

All our students make a short video to present themselves, which makes it easier and also fun to choose who to hire or interview. See for yourself!

Your Benefits:

  • Exchange students can work for the entire season
  • European students have longer holidays and thus can spend more time working than US students. You don’t have to worry about seasonal staff leaving too soon.
  • It’s economically advantageous
  • First, there are low costs for the employer – and almost no paperwork, too. Then, there are no Medicare, Social Security, or Unemployment contributions. Hiring 2 students from Europe, who will work 40 hours/week, paid $8/hour will save you around $700 every 3 months! Also, all candidates have pre-paid health insurance.
  • Our service is FREE!
  • Our service is free for employers. No hidden costs. You are responsible for paying J1 staff wages only. Students pay their own placement fees and transportation costs. You can choose from our pre-screened and interviewed applicants or we will send you resumes of those we recommend for your positions. We deal with all their visa paperwork, all we need from you is a job offer.
  • Workplace gets international
  • Isn’t it great to diversify the atmosphere of your business with representatives of different culture? Combining strong English skills, desire to learn and communicate and valuable cultural background, they will surely enrich your environment.
  • Perfect commitment to employers
  • All the applicants are pre-screened, pre-qualified and selected. They sign a contract which ensures full commitment and meeting all the job requirements. Moreover, they are willing to learn about the States, the culture, and the business. They are excited to spend their summer holiday in the USA.

Why have employers been choosing Czech-us to hire international students for them since 2003?

  • Valuable experience
    Year after year, we have been assisting US businesses in covering their seasonal staffing needs with international students. We understand the entire process well, and we are able to address the individual requirements of virtually any company seeking seasonal staffing solutions.
  • Result-oriented approach
    We are committed to making the process of hiring international exchange students as easy and fast as possible. Your dedicated manager understands your needs, selects the candidates and provides support throughout the entire program.
  • Pre-qualified applicants
    We understand the importance of selecting foreign workers who will meet all of your expectations. Whether it is English fluency, commitment to work or desire to explore the American ways, all of the seasonal employers we choose are selected scrupulously.

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