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Working in the EU

All European Union (EU) citizens have the right to live and work in any other EU country. They are entitled to be recruited under the same conditions as nationals of the country in which they are seeking work and cannot be asked to meet any additional requirements.

The potential employees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are young adults that are mainly looking for a change, for a new opportunity and experience. Most of them have above average English and work experience from the Czech republic or Slovakia.

Your Benefits:

  • Our service is FREE! Our service is free for employers. No hidden costs. You are responsible for paying your staff regular wages only. You can choose from our pre-screened and interviewed applicants or we will send you resumes of those we recommend for your positions.
  • Workplace gets international Isn’t it great to diversify the atmosphere of your business with representatives of different culture? Combining strong English skills, desire to learn and communicate and valuable cultural background, they will surely enrich your environment.
  • Perfect commitment to employers All the applicants are pre-screened, pre-qualified and selected and they are willing to learn about Canada, the culture, and the business. Czech people are usualy very hardworking, reliable, very quickly adaptable and grateful for the job they got!

Recognition of qualifications in the EU:

Some EU countries require diplomas, titles, certificates or other special qualifications as a condition for access to certain salaried and self-employed occupations. It can be difficult to have the own training and skills fully recognised.

The EU has therefore set up systems for recognising diplomas and training that enable everyone to make full use of their training and skills in another EU country. The basic principle is that if someone are qualified to exercise a profession in his home country, he is qualified to exercise the same profession in any other EU country.

Why have employers been choosing Czech-us to hire international workers for them since 2003?

  • Valuable experience Year after year, we have been assisting businesses in the US, Canada and EU in covering their staffing needs with international students. We understand the entire process well, and we are able to address the individual requirements of virtually any company seeking staffing solutions.
  • Result-oriented approach We are committed to making the process of hiring international workers as easy and fast as possible. Your dedicated manager understands your needs, selects the candidates and provides support throughout the entire program.
  • Pre-qualified applicants We understand the importance of selecting foreign workers who will meet all of your expectations. Whether it is English fluency, commitment to work or desire to explore the Canadian way, all of the employers we choose are selected scrupulously.

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